International Service:

With our indirect partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) we can buy from those large quantity buyers and sell to our clients from other part of the world, our prospects are as well free to come into the country and see how the business is being carried out. Apart from buying and selling to our international client an arrangement are better made in a prospect name to facilitate faster deal which is usually the best to do, we assure prospect of getting all they need to get their crude oil on their way, if prospect has not come with vessels or they do we can hire these vessels to lift petroleum products within the African coastal waters and the rest of the World. Our clientele consists of Multinational Oil Companies, Foreign Oil Marketers, Buying Agents, Refineries and so on.

Barry Local Service
Local Service:

Our local services include local supply of oil and gas to filling stations in any part of the Country and we also do doorstep delivery to some of our industrial consumers, our supplies can be delivered in long vehicle tankers, smaller tankers and in drums, we deals in AGO, PMS and DPK. We are connected with some bigger oil companies that possess coastal vessels of combined capacities. These vessels are very strategic in the operations for our company. These oil companies were licensed to buy crude oil directly from the Government and processed into the different oil type; we do buy directly from these companies and sell in smaller quantities to the filling stations and the industrial consumers.

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