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International Crude Oil and Gas, Petrol, Kerosene dealer Lagos Nigeria West Africa worldwide

You are welcome to Barry Lantern Oil & Gas Limited, your answer to crude oil and energy supply throughout the world, it’s close to a decade since we have been in this industry playing a dominant role between one of the world’s largest supplier of crude oil Nigeria and the rest of the world who needs and buys crude oil either for their day-to-day business operation or for further processing and trading in the future.

Our role is to serve as the Nigerian intermediary between the NNPC and the foreign buyer(s) to provide good ground for friendlier crude oil transactions; we also facilitate fulfilling the NNPC criterion for international buyers by helping them seek flexibility. Our assistance go further for new investors who cannot meet all the NNPC requirement for buying crude oil from Nigeria by helping to establish a line integration with big international buyers who on their own has provided the necessary requirement and has been trading with experience.

Our secondary service is to make finish goods available to our local consumers in form of PMS, se to export crude oil to refineries abroad and import them to Nigeria for sale as finish goods for local consumption. We sell these goods to our industrial AGO, DPK etc; we buy finish goods from local marketers who have the licensed users who use them for industrial operations in drums and smaller oil tankers.

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